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04 8, 2018

満足度 3.0

Merci cher concessionnaire,ça fait plus de 8ans que j'achète les véhicules chez vous et j'ai toujours été satisfait,tant du point de vue services(sécurité des transactions,ponctualité dans la livraison...)que de celui de la qualité. Merci et bien à vous. Marcel MUKUMBI Directeur.

03 13, 2018

満足度 3.0

The car is in great condition. The only thing i can mention is to improve on picture quality so that the car looks almost exactly the same. If you compare the above picture with the one on the website, they look abit different

02 16, 2018

満足度 3.0

The Tradecarview system is very easy to use and protects both yourself and the seller. The seller was very good at communication right the way through the process and I would not hesitate in recommending MITSUI as a seller on this site.

01 18, 2018

満足度 3.0

My experience overall was positive and I was a first-time user. My only complaint is the amount of email tradecarview sends you. Ever since I started using the site, they send multiple emails every single day. It really makes it a negative experience.

01 17, 2018

満足度 3.0

The car is sooo amazing, the vendor was very very polite and sincere. The car I actually received was much better in reality than it was on paper. I'm so happy with my purchase. thanks trade car view, and more so thanks NBC Corporation.

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01 16, 2018

満足度 1.0

The transaction is secured

01 6, 2018

満足度 3.0

The communication was good and i got the exact car i ordered.

12 17, 2017

満足度 3.0

It was great doing business on this platform and there is room for improvement for clients to get the best deals.

12 16, 2017

満足度 2.0

tradecarview is a site that I rub shoulders with for decades and I have a good experience, an excellent testimony of tradecarview. The only suggestion is the tracking of vehicles when the transit is provided by an agency to avoid disputes otherwise nothing to say Best regards ALEX KABASH

11 29, 2017

満足度 3.0


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