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Important Notice of Fake Phishing Emails

Aug / 20 / 2009 (JST)

Important Notice of Fake Phishing Emails on tradecarview.com



Attention to Our Valuable tradecarview Members:


We would like to thank everyone for their support with tradecarview.com. As the numbers of tradecarview users continue to increase in a fast pace, we have recently received various fake phishing email complaints that we would like to warn our precious users about.


Case: Beware of Fake Emails asking for your personal information

- Be aware of Phishing Emails that ask you to confirm/update/verify your account data at tradecarview by visiting the given link. You will be taken to a spoof website where your details will be captured for the phishers.



-Tradecarview NEVER send their users emails requesting personal details in this way.


-The spoof website this email links to www.tradecarview.org or www.tradecarview.cgj3.com/trade/lang-en-ru/login.html / http://tradecarsvews.com/cgi/my/index.html / http://tradecarview.comxa.com/trade/login.html / http://crosbietranscarltd.comuf.com/tradecarview.com/login.html. Please be aware not to enter any personal information on that website. We do not own that website!



*For Users who have entered the information on the spoof website mentioned above, it is strongly recommended to immediately login to your email and my tradecarview account and change your password*



Please send us any scam/phishing emails you have received by reporting them at trade@carview.co.jp


If you are not sure if an email is fake, forward the entire email to trade@carview.co.jp

-Simple click “Forward” and send it to trade@carview.co.jp

-Don’t change the subject line or anything else

-Then once you’ve sent it, delete the email – in most cases, we can verify if an email is fake or not


Thank you for your cooperation.

tradecarview team