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Zambia Zambia

Level of Satisfaction 3.0

Iam glad to have purchased a car from Trade carview.Good deal,I love the car

Zambia Zambia

Level of Satisfaction 3.0

very fast and trust worthy

The Import Procedure

  • step1

    Find the car you are interested in!

    ※You can serch with year, model, Price, Steering etc

  • step2

    When you find the car you are interested in...
    Make an inquiry to the Seller/Dealer!

  • step3

    Negotiate with the Supplier
    by exchanging messages

  • step4

    Request Proforma Invoice

  • step5

    Place your Order

  • step6


  • step7

    The seller will inform you the following things.
    Please wait for the updates from the seller.

    Payment Confirmation, Shipping Schedule, B/L copy, Original Document

  • step8

    You receive the order

The Import Regulation

Shipping Destination ports

Dar es salaam (Tanzania), Durban (South Africa)

Age restriction

No age restriction

Road worthiness Inspection


Other restrictions

Right Hand Drive.(Exceptions for special cars e.g. ambulance and fire engine)

Import taxes rates

C.CCustom DutyExcise dutySurtax RateVAT
3000 and above25%30%200,00017.50%
Pick ups15%30%200,00017.50%

Tax Calculator

Clearing agents information

*This page contents are based on information acquired in February 2013.

Logistics Service

By using tradecarview there will be no hassle in searching for the local clearing agents for your car. Simply select the Door to door Delivery Service when you order for a car and get the full assistance with a special discount!

*Please note that the original documents are sent to the clearing agents for quick clearing of your car.

Door to door Delivery Service in Zambia!



ServicesWith tradecarviewWithout tradecarview
Arranged Logistics AgentcheckNo
Clearing & ForwardingcheckNo
Logistics discountcheckNo
Door to door Delivery ServicecheckNo


The clearing costs are separate from the Import duties.

You have to pay import duties as required by your country and it is different from the money paid to purchase the car in Japan,such as C&F and CIF value.

Our agents will give discount for their charges only and all other charges such as import duties, port charges, fuel charges shall be passed on to you.

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