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A.PayTrade is the service where Carview Corporation (CV) temporarily holds the payment from the Buyer. When Carview confirms shipment of the vehicle, the funds will be transferred to the Seller.

A.The following aspects can be benefits to use PayTrade service.
- The Buyer can receive the vehicle which he/she has ordered, where the vehicle VIN/Chassis number will be checked by Carview Corporation.
- The Buyer can request for the refund if the Seller does not ship the vehicle within the appropriate period.
- The Buyer can receive refund if the Seller cancels the order by the Seller’s responsibility.
*Bank charge is required for refund.

A.The buyer can choose PayTrade payment method when the vehicle is listed as "PayTrade payment" available. However, only registered member can use PayTrade payment method. Please check the "PayTrade Terms of Use for Buyer".

PayTrade Terms of Use for Buyer

A.Carview charges the PayTrade fee as follows; the handling charge US$50.00(JPY5,000) and 3.9% of the Seller’s price*. (The minimum charge is US$150.00(JPY15,000).)
*The minimum charge: If the total amount of the PayTrade service fee (Handling fee US$50.00(JPY5,000) + 3.9% of the Seller’s price *) is under US$150.00(JPY15,000), US$150.00(JPY15,000) will be charged as PayTrade service fee.
*Seller’s price: excluding Carview’s PayTrade Fees from the total amount of the Invoice.

A.When you receive the Proforma Invoice from the Seller, you have the choice of either dealing with PayTrade or without PayTrade.
Please select "NOT use PayTrade payment" when you place your order.

A.The Buyer cannot cancel the order once he/she clicks on "Confirm to Buy" button. The cancellation fee will be charged to the responsible party. Please note that once you placed the order by clicking on "Confirm to Buy" button, you have committed to purchase the vehicle where you must pay for the ordered vehicle within the Payment Due Date. If you fail to make the payment by the Due Date, the contract for the deal will be violated where your membership account may be suspended.

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