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Blacklisted Companies

The companies listed on the blacklist are determined from different factors such as the nature, severity, and the frequency/number of complaints we receive from our users.

tradecarview.com takes fraud/scam issues very seriously in order to provide a safe and trustworthy trading environment for our users. We investigate all reports in an attempt to prevent future fraud and have strict policies in place to deal with unfair trading practices.

The companies listed below fail to live up to the expectations of our member community and policies. We remove all listings of blacklisted companies, terminate their memberships and ban them from our website permanently.
We also inform to warn people to do business with the dealers marked "*". These are listed in accordance to the information provided by the Embassy of Tanzania in Japan.

Among the companies registered to our website, only a tiny proportion has been involved in unfair trade practices. Please be assured that the vast majority of our dealers are honest, hard-working entrepreneurs, automobile dealers,importers and exporters.

As indicated in our terms of use, tradecarview.com does not guarantee or endorse any transactions. Before purchasing, Buyers should be careful to check the sales terms such as the shipping terms, detail of the vehicle purchased and the warranty when the Seller fails to buy or send the vehicle. We do not have preferred or pre-approved Sellers. It is the responsibility of the Buyer and Seller to take necessary precautions. We do not take responsibility in the event of such an occurrence.

Company InformationDetailsDate Listed
2-11-34 Kamiyama, Oyama City, Tochigi, Japan 323-0828
Telephone:+81 90 3148 7026
Name of President:Iijima Hatsue
No respone after payment
No shipment after payment

Report from:Zambia, Kenya
Reported Period:2012/02~
Mar / 04 / 2014 (JST)
1-4-13-213 Shimo Kita Tokyo
Telephone:81-3-6454-4680 81-80-3477-6502
Name of President:TAVAKULOV RASHID
Person in Charge:CFO Syunsuke Seo(瀬尾 俊介)
no shipment after payment
received a different car

Report from:Kenya,Zambia,Uganda,Tanzania,Zimbabwe ,Mozambique
Reported Period:2013/04-Present
Nov / 21 / 2013 (JST)
Auto Story
2-1-7-407 Horinouchi Hachiouji Tokyo
Name of President:Syunsuke Seo(瀬尾 俊介)
Person in Charge:Mr, Rashid
no shipment after payment
received a different car

Report from:Kenya,Zambia,Uganda,Tanzania,Mozambique,Canada
Reported Period:2010/08-2011/04
Nov / 21 / 2013 (JST)
Kumata 7-12-13, Higashi Sumiyoshi, Osaka, Japan 546-0002
Telephone:+81643019787, +81643019797
Name of President:Ikeda Keitaro
Person in Charge:Sakra or Nakamura
No shipment after payment , Not received original document after arrival

Report from:Zambia, Uganda, South Africa
Reported Period:2012/11/19 - 2013/03/04
Mar / 12 / 2013 (JST)
Tsujino 18-1273, Naka-ku, Sakai-shi, Osaka, Japan 599-8245
Telephone:+81722345507, +819011569138
Name of President:Kameda Yoshihiro
Person in Charge:Enomoto (Eno)
No shipment after payment

Report from:Malawi, Zambia, Tanzania, Congo, Mozambique, Uganda, Guyana, Burundi
Reported Period:2011/7/8 - 2011/12/12
Apr / 26 / 2012 (JST)
Fuji Global co ltd.
Shirasawa shataku 2, 29-8 Sakai cho, Tochiki City, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan 328-0043
Name of President:MR. RAHMAN MD ANISUR
Person in Charge:MR. RAHMAN MD ANISUR and TALHA
No shipment after payment / Received a different or damaged car

Reported Period:2011/08 ~ 2011/11
Nov / 29 / 2011 (JST)
302 3-6-47 Mino, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi, Okayama-ken, Japan 700-0802
Name of President:Yoshifumi Sunada
No Shipment after payment

Report from:ANTIGUA AND BARBUD, Botswana, Zambia
Reported Period:2011/06-
Aug / 26 / 2011 (JST)
Seven Seas Motors
1F Mochizukiso, 5-96-1 Morimoto, Itami-shi, Hyougo-Ken, 664-0842, Japan
Name of President:Michio Morisaki
No Shipment after payment

Report from:Zambia, Kenya, Malawi, Pakistan, Mozambique
Reported Period:2011/06-
Aug / 05 / 2011 (JST)
Nishimoto auto Co Ltd
Enoki-cho 1-1-508, Suita-shi, Osaka-fu, Japan, 564-0053
Telephone:+81-90-1753-0680 E-mail: nshimoto0205@gmail.com
Name of President:Naoki Nishimoto
No Shipment after payment

Report from:Uganda
Reported Period:2011/01-2011/02
Jun / 02 / 2011 (JST)
3-2-3 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi, Japan, 460-0008
Telephone:+81-52-269-8082, 81-52-800-8130
Name of President:Mr. MIRHAT UMAROV
Person in Charge:Mr. NODIR
Received a different or damaged car

Report from:Caribbean, Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania, New Zealand
Reported Period:2010/04~
May / 23 / 2011 (JST)
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